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25.11.2014 Nighttime Eiffel Tower is protected by copyright
27.10.2014 Counterfeit wine dealer sentenced to 10 years in the US
05.09.2014 ‘Ice bucket challenge’ trademark applications have been withdrawn.
29.07.2014 Nearly 100 counterfeiters of food and drink apprehended in a large-scale operation
16.06.2014 Accelerated examination applied for in Israel based on inventor’s advanced age
06.05.2014 Trademark Alfred Nobel contested in Norway
07.04.2014 Parody trademarks — Japan’s example
04.03.2014 Court refused to register the trademark “LADY GAGA”
04.02.2014 Swedish government proposed publishing patents in English
15.01.2014 Trademark “Tokyo 2020” registered
23.12.2013 PPH to enter into force on 6 January 2014
15.11.2013 Former employees of Eli Lilly charged with disclosing trade secrets
23.10.2013 Decision of the European Patent Office (EPO) concerning interpreting patent law
02.10.2013 Heavy fine imposed on US postal service over image on stamp
10.09.2013 India recognizes the Mexican origin of the denomination “tequila”
13.08.2013 12-year prison sentence for piracy in the US.
15.07.2013 Dispute over the copyright of “Happy Birthday to You”
04.07.2013 Interview of Kalev Käosaar to Alicante News
01.07.2013 CHANEL in court against the Channel Islands government
30.05.2013 First “Green Patent” granted in Brazil
07.05.2013 Swedish court awarded more than 30 million SEK in damages to a local business
11.04.2013 Court rewarded employee with 5.5 million dollars for an invention for employer
18.03.2013 Online registration service set up in Lebanon
19.02.2013 Last chance to benefit from the first to invent principle!
23.01.2013 Drastic rise in Israeli patent protection fees
02.01.2013 Happy New Year !
28.12.2012 State fees raised considerably in Ecuador
12.11.2012 China enables simultaneous application for both patent and utility model
09.10.2012 The greatest patent reform of the century implemented in the US
01.10.2012 The Estonian Trade Marks Act entered into force 20 years ago, on 1st October 1992.
20.09.2012 “Fake” claims to be investigated in China
14.08.2012 China amends the Patents Act
10.07.2012 First compulsory licence relating to a medicinal product granted in India
12.06.2012 Syrian Parliament approves the new patent law
10.05.2012 South Korea began charging a fee for adding goods and services in trademark applications
25.04.2012 World Intellectual Property Day – April 26
03.04.2012 Ongoing dispute in China concerning the use of the trademark “IPAD”
06.03.2012 Intellectual property court founded in Russia
16.02.2012 European Court of Justice has imposed restrictions on retention of goods by Customs.
06.02.2012 We are glad to announce that this year we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of our company.
12.01.2012 English-speaking population considers the word PAKI racist
02.01.2012 We wish our clients, partners and friends a happy and prosperous New Year!
09.11.2011 Last year saw a dramatic increase in the sales of counterfeit goods in Europe
13.10.2011 Patent trolls
27.09.2011 Five people sentenced to prison in China for violating copyright laws
08.09.2011 Israeli customs mistakenly accused Levi Strauss & Co
09.08.2011 Amazon’s 'one-click' patent denied by EPO !
19.07.2011 We are most happy to announce that the 7 cyclists who were kidnapped in Lebanon on 23rd of March have been released and are safely back in Estonia.
05.07.2011 A top secret invention that has been under expert analysis for seven years finally published in Israel
16.06.2011 Swedish company LANTMÄNNEN DOGGY AB has filed a trademark application, DOGGY (reg No 0951129 in Class 31 – foodstuffs for animals) to be registered in Estonia.
10.05.2011 Man sentenced to two years' imprisonment for selling counterfeit medications in Britain
12.04.2011 Industrial design protection rocketed last year
17.03.2011 The European Union trademark system prospects
01.03.2011 Paintings cannot be registered as trademarks
10.02.2011 The 125th Anniversary of the Japan Patent Office
18.01.2011 Apple's trademark "APP STORE" registration hampered by Microsoft
03.01.2011 Happy New Year !
21.12.2010 OHIM Board of Appeal made a positive decision concerning the registration of a one-letter mark
25.11.2010 Domain Disputes Committee has made the first decision
12.11.2010 Nigeria increased state fees by 100-400%
01.11.2010 The UK Intellectual Property Office under cyber attack
13.10.2010 The trademark ‘BOLSHOI THEATRE’ has been designated a well-known mark
14.09.2010 The notion of parallel import causes confusion and misinterpretation
01.09.2010 Former coat of arms of the Soviet Union was not registered as a figurative mark
18.08.2010 Useful guidelines to prove the genuine use of a trademark
05.08.2010 Germany’s Federal Patent Court required to consider EPO decisions
27.07.2010 The museum of counterfeiting
26.07.2010 The transition to new domain rules in Estonia will take place on July 5, 2010.
21.07.2010 Who owns the vuvuzela?
09.07.2010 A 13-year court dispute to come to a close in Sweden
22.06.2010 USPTO to introduce a three-track patent examination system
31.05.2010 L’Oreal trial smells of victory
19.05.2010 Made in China – owned by China…
11.05.2010 Managing Intellectual Property magazine IP firm survey!
03.05.2010 WIPO adopted a new logo
26.04.2010 Today is World Intellectual Property Day!
20.04.2010 Should different requirements be applied for pharmaceutical trademarks?
05.04.2010 Barack Obama amended the US trademark act
29.03.2010 Amazon’s “one click” patent gets the green light from the US Patent and Trademark Office!
18.03.2010 Beware of fraudulent bills!
12.03.2010 New requirements for effective patents in India
01.03.2010 WIPO statistics – patent applications 2009!
22.02.2010 Kookaburra got the last laugh
16.02.2010 New logo selected for all EU organic products
12.02.2010 Google vs. Goojje
02.02.2010 When can the use of ® be misleading?
26.01.2010 An expensive domain name
25.01.2010 Domain names in Cyrillic alphabet
14.01.2010 Five patent offices bunching together on a common web page
05.01.2010 Nearly half of the world’s zippers are made by a single company
04.01.2010 Happy New Year !
23.12.2009 China: changes in trademark legislation!
11.12.2009 Our team has two new trademark and design attorneys!
02.12.2009 eBay Fined Again!
23.11.2009 Legalizing documents with an apostille to be performed by notaries public
13.11.2009 Trademark Napoleon unregistrable in Greece!
06.11.2009 A Million Trademark Applications already filed in China in 2009 !
26.10.2009 Entrepreneurial Estonia 2009 Fair
22.05.2009 „Kalev“ - Estonian brand name with the highest reputation
11.05.2009 Database for general powers of attorney in EPO
18.02.2009 State fee for filing a civil action with the Court has changed!
30.01.2009 Patent Agency Käosaar & Co celebrates his 17th years anniversary today!
29.01.2009 A long court case is coming to an end!
20.01.2009 Amendments in Intellectual Property Laws.
01.01.2009 Happy New Year !
10.12.2008 Electronic Filing at the Estonian Patent Office web page!
22.04.2008 New Patent Assistant
03.01.2008 New list of charges from 1st January 2008
02.01.2008 Happy new year!
08.11.2007 Requirements of Patent Applications
16.07.2007 Supreme Court clarifies licensee rights to infringement claims
11.05.2007 The Patent Profession in the EPC Contracting States
05.03.2007 Relative grounds of refusal changes implemented
29.01.2007 We have celebration!
02.01.2007 New Year greetings to our present and future clients!
23.10.2006 An Overview of European Trademark and Design Applications Filed by Estonian Companies
13.10.2006 Announcement
17.10.2005 Estonian IP Attorneys
03.03.2005 Leading patent firms in Baltic States
28.02.2005 Leading patent firms in Baltic States
03.01.2005 European Trade Mark and Design Attorney