Patent agency Käosaar & Co was founded in 1992 and it is one of the oldest patent agencies working in Estonia today.

Patent of the day:

Smart chair with an exercise device
 US 20050233875    

This smart chair is meant for those who work in the office, have lot of commitments and little time for visiting the gym. The exercise kit attached to the chair enables a number of arm, leg and back exercises.




  “Vene juust” (“Russian Cheese”) declared a type designation
  With its Regulation of 05 September 2012, the Supreme Court refused to accept into proceedings Ago Teder’s appeal in cassation requiring the establishment of circumstances precluding legal protection of the trademark “Vene juust + design” in the civil matter no. 2-11-30329.
  Counterfeit wine dealer sentenced to 10 years in the US
  The counterfeiter, who conned millions of dollars out of wine collectors, was sentenced to prison in New York.
  ‘Ice bucket challenge’ trademark applications have been withdrawn.
  The worldwide and in also in Estonia popular ‘ice bucket challenge’ trademark applications have been withdrawn.
  Nearly 100 counterfeiters of food and drink apprehended in a large-scale operation
  The raid was conducted in various countries worldwide, including the UK and US. Some 430 000 counterfeit drinks and 1 200 tons of counterfeit food were seized and 96 people arrested.
  Accelerated examination applied for in Israel based on inventor’s advanced age
  Under the Israel Patent Law, the applicant may request accelerated examination of a patent application, if there are sufficient grounds for doing so. The applicant must pay a state fee and substantiate the request for accelerated examination.