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Patent of the day:

Method for entertaining a cat US5443036

To avoid your pet becoming too lazy, two American inventors have created a device that will make even the most unwilling cat get up from the couch.  The main element of the invention is a laser beam, which will catch the cat’s attention, inviting to play with it.




  “Vene juust” (“Russian Cheese”) declared a type designation
  With its Regulation of 05 September 2012, the Supreme Court refused to accept into proceedings Ago Teder’s appeal in cassation requiring the establishment of circumstances precluding legal protection of the trademark “Vene juust + design” in the civil matter no. 2-11-30329.
  Parody trademarks — Japan’s example
  In most countries, legislation concerning parody trademarks is hazy. It usually remains unclear where to draw the line between joking and actual use.
  Court refused to register the trademark “LADY GAGA”
  More particularly, the denial concerned class 9 (recording discs; compact discs, DVD’s and other digital recording media, recording of sound or images, etc.).
  Swedish government proposed publishing patents in English
  The growing translation prices have caused Sweden to consider allowing publication of patent claims in English in the future. The patent application in Swedish is expected to become an informative public document, while the English language version will be the legally valid one
  Trademark “Tokyo 2020” registered
  In January 2012, trademark application for “Tokyo 2020” was filed. The application was filed by the International Olympic Committee and applied to all classes.